Care2 Impact Awards

The annual Care2 Impact Prize is presented to the campaign or initiative in the charity sector that has made an outstanding impact on the field of online advocacy, online fundraising, or both. The winning organisation will receive a cash donation of £1000 from Care2.

Award nominations were accepted from the ECF community in March. The Judges then reviewed these and shortlisted them. Then the ECF community voted on these shortlisted campaigns from which a winner will be announced.

The judges considered four main criteria in short listing finalists.

  1. Innovation. Did this campaign introduce valuable new ideas and approaches to the charity sector as a whole?
  2. Influence. Did the initiative produce a ripple effect to influence and benefit other professionals in the sector?
  3. Impact. Is there a quantifiably large difference between the before and the after of campaign, e.g. money raised, or victories won, or the number of individuals participating in a cause? A proportionally large impact at a small organisation is just as important as a big impact at a large organisation.
  4. Advancing the cause. Did this campaign help accomplish something that advanced their cause(s) meaningfully, such as via organising or winning advocacy victories? Or by providing the funds needed to fuel campaigns that won victories?
    The finalists were shortlisted by a panel of judges including:

  • Duane Raymond – FairSay
  • Eric Rardin – Care2
  • Hannah Lownsbrough, consultant working on campaigns in the UK and internationally
  • Johnny Chatterton, Executive Director, Campaign bootcamp
  • Belinda Calaguas,  Freelance consultant on advocacy and campaigns development and organisation

Questions regarding the voting process? Please email us at

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