Ignite Talks

Inspired by the popular Ignite events (slogan ‘Enlighten us, but make it quick!’), these quick-fire, energising talks are limited to just 7 minutes each.

  • Sandra Nuzdic, CIWA and its online store
  • Jean O’Brien, Barnardo’s Ireland – Bringing an old-timey fundraising campaign online
  • Dan Howe, PETA UK – Turning bloggers in to advocates with baking
  • Jess Day, Let Toys Be Toys – Understand your audience, or fall on your face
  • Sho Konno, Restless Development – Young people and volunteers are different
  • Florian Engel and Glyn Thomas, more onion – Future of data for campaigning and fundraising
Venue: Sloane Robinson: O’Reilly Theatre

Sloane Robinson: O’Reilly Theatre
Jess Day