ECF Leadership Briefing (Arco Building)

This informal pre-dinner session will offer those with experience of ECF or other peer-exchange or Open Space type events a chance to play a more leadership role at ECF 2015 by:

  • Sharing ideas and tips on successful Open Space groups
  • Reviewing the potential agenda topics and themes that emerge from the participant questionnaires with a fun topic-sorting exercise
  • Shaping the ECF 2015 agenda.

Open to all, though a working knowledge of Open Space methodology will be assumed. This will be a fun and informal pre-dinner session, over drinks provided by FairSay.

    The aims are:

  • To prepare you to convene effective Open Space sessions, and support other conveners throughout the event
  • To start generating topic ideas through a fun and interactive ‘agenda hacking’ exercise.
Sloane Robinson: Douglas Price Room

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