Natasha Adams

I specialise in understanding ecologies of movements, research, strategy, activism, organising, training and strategic movement building. I love nothing more than geeking out on asking deep questions about how transformational change happens, from theory to practice.

Before my consultancy I built up close to a decade of experience coordinating NGO campaigns for social and environmental justice, to add to my many more years experience as a grassroots activist. Consultancy clients include Friends of the Earth,, Mencap, Church Action on Poverty, Save the Children, The Quakers, Greenpeace, CAFOD and The Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

My experience spans every step of the campaign process, from strategy development and research to delivery and evaluation. While I have well honed skills in direct lobbying and digital campaigning, I specialised in activism, strategic movement building and organising approaches, as history shows that deeper mass engagement is essential to driving change.

I am also a very experienced trainer and facilitator, and am available to facilitate meetings, workshops, and to develop bespoke trainings.

You can read my thoughts about activism and social change on my blog at