Care 2 Impact Prize 2016

Finalists in the Care2 impact prize have been selected by a panel of judges from a pool of nominations made by members of the nonprofit community.

Here are the finalists:

Out and Proud Diamond Group: Campaign Against Homophobia

Out and Proud Diamond Group has launched a campaign to urge the next Commonwealth heads of government meeting 2018 to adopt the theme “A diverse and equal Commonwealth”. Forty out of the 53 member countries of the Commonwealth criminalise same-sex relations. They account for more than half of the world’s nations where homosexuality is illegal. Hate crimes against LGBTI people often pass unchecked in most Commonwealth countries, with frequent mob violence. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting has never in its entire six-decade history discussed LGBTI human rights. The time has come.

Having gathered more than 150,000 petition signatures on a petition, the campaign has made many people aware of the injustices and persecution towards LGBTI people in the Commonwealth countries. This campaign gives hope to those going through persecution that change is coming. It also gives them a sense of solidarity above all they feel that other people out there do care about them.

Dignity In Dying: Assisted Dying BIll

With the help of recruiting on Care2, Dignity in Dying’s assisted dying campaign was underpinned by 80,000 people emailing their MP demanding law change. Despite an unsuccessful outcome it was a stand-out year for the campaign and subsequently a landmark Supreme Court ruling in Canada and legalisation in California serve to show change is inevitable. In 2015, the assisted dying campaign gained unprecedented national attention with the first Assisted Dying Bill debated in the House of Commons for 20 years. It was one of the highest profile campaigns of 2015, garnered coverage in every mainstream media outlet and saw one of the most well attended Private Members Bill debates in recent memory.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association: Pavement Parking Campaign

Cars and other vehicles parked on pavements are a serious danger to people living with sight loss, who are forced to step into the road without being able to see oncoming traffic. The charity Guide Dogs wants the law changed on pavement parking. Through the creative use of video and case studies they created a message about the dangers of badly parked vehicles. They also created a pavement parking map for people to submit photos showing pavement parking problems in their local area, garnering over 2300 photos to date. In total, campaigners took part in more than 12,000 online actions to advance this campaign.

These efforts have since resulted in a commitment from the Scottish National Party that if they win the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May, they will bring in legislation to prevent problem pavement parking.

Missing People: Child Rescue Alert

The National Crime Agency invited Missing People to deliver Child Rescue Alert – a system to rapidly alert the public when a child is abducted. Over the last year, Missing People has campaigned online tirelessly to encourage citizens to support the initiative by agreeing to receive free Alerts via digital channels, and to recruit digital/social media companies to broadcast the Alerts.

As a digital citizenship campaign, Child Rescue Alert has exceeded all expectations. Child Rescue Alert has already resulted in a successful nation-wide alert being issued for a vulnerable high risk missing child. To date, 365,000 people have registered to receive free digital Alerts. Child Rescue Alert has positioned Missing People as a charity at the forefront of utilising online to help deliver a compelling mission: find every child. Last year, Child Rescue Alert won Community Impact at the Third Sector Business Charity Awards and the Community Award at the Charity Times Awards.

Water for Africa: The Marathon Walker

The Marathon Walker, developed with Ogilvy & Mather, follows a Gambian woman Saibatou Sanneh as she walks the Paris 2015 marathon route with a 20kg container of water on her head. This symbolic walk has raised awareness of the millions of women across Africa who have to face this journey everyday.

As a result, a full documentary was then commissioned to be shown this year. The charity received worlwide media coverage and awards for their efforts.

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