Responding to a fast-changing world
David Bent, Forum for the Future

Nothing endures but change – so how do we respond? David Bent will share his experiences, both of advising companies on sustainability and as a senior executive in Forum for the Future. What has Forum had to do, to try and stay at the cutting-edge? What’s going on in corporate sustainability and beyond that campaigners need to respond to? What steps are needed so you are ready in a fast-changing world?

David BentDavid Bent is passionate about creating a sustainable future. As Director of Sustainable Business at Forum for the Future, he tries to accelerate change by helping world-leaders like M&S, O2 and Unilever on strategy, innovation and wider change efforts. As Associate Fellow at the Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge, he has been experimenting with surfing the digital revolution, bending the curve on climate change, setting pro-sustainability innovation policy, and creating an enabling narrative for business.

He is a non executive director of FairSay, the campaining advisors, and EIRIS Foundation, a leading charity working in the area of responsible investment. He has a Masters in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath, a Masters in Physics from the University of Oxford and is a qualified accountant too.