ECF17 Day 1

Wed 22 March

07.30 Morning walk/run for early risers. Meet at Keble College main reception
08.00 Participants in on-site accommodation: breakfast, registration & discussion (Room: Dining room)
08.45 Participant in off-site accommodation: registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions (Room: TBC)

09:00 Welcome, introductions & networking (Room: Arco)

09.00 Welcome, introduction and agenda review
09.15 Warm-up activities & speed networking

10.00 Open Space (Room: Arco)

10.00 Introduction to Open Space
10.15 Open Space Knowledge Exchange A

11.15 Coffee/tea break

11.45 Plenary speaker (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

Talking to ourselves? Thinking differently to persuade a broader audience in challenging times.
Nicky Hawkins, Equally Ours

12:30 Lunch (Dining room)

13:30 Peer Presentations

14:20 Open Space Knowledge Exchange B

15:30 Coffee/tea break (Room: Arco)

16:00 Skills Marketplace (Room: Arco)

17:00 Ignite Talks (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

Care2 Impact Awards winner presentation

18:30 Speed Pitching & Apero (Room: Arco)

Service providers and consultants tell you what they offer, answer your questions and/or take your feedback. 5 minutes per table then rotate. Free drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks)

    1. Engaging Networks
    2. Care2, Rhiannan Sullivan
    3. more onion, Florian Engel and Claire Donner
    4. BetterNow, Jesper Juul Jensen
    5. ControlShiftLabs, Nathan Woodhull
    6. Forward Action, Alex Lloyd
    7. Dancing Fox, Brian Fitzgerald
    8. Hands Up, Ben Clowney
    9. The Shop, Sam Jeffers
    10. campaignfilm, Andrew Davies
    11. 54 degrees, Eugene Flynn
    12. Contentious, Julius Honnor and Laura Robertson

20:00 Dinner (Dining room)
21:00+ Keble College Pub