Talking to ourselves? Thinking differently to persuade a broader audience in challenging times.

Nicky Hawkins, Equally Ours

Nicky has worked in UK charity communications for fifteen years, campaigning with organisations like Friends of the Earth and Save the Children. She now leads the Equally Ours programme identifying how we can change hearts and minds on inequality, human rights and social justice. Her work draws heavily from research into how people think, feel and respond to their world.

Nicky works in collaboration with a wide range of UK organisations to introduce an evidence-based approach communicating some of the most important issues of our time. In her spare time she works with the Catsnake, a storytelling agency that makes audiences care, share and act.

She’ll be sharing some of the data she’s collected – and some that she’s shamelessly borrowed from others. More importantly she’ll be looking to stimulate discussion and ideas about how we make sense of, and respond to, the interesting times we’re in.