Email campaigning is dead, long live email campaigning

Esther Foreman

This is a highly interactive session exploring the pitfalls and promises of email campaigning for change.

Between 2006 and 2016 there are have been millions of generated emails to MPs. Some have been really successful and some have not just failed but alienated both houses to the issue. Research has shown that many MPs and Peers consider ecampaigning an unnecessary evil generated by robots and zombies. Many campaigners and charities consider a digital campaigning a cost effective and legitimate way to get their voice heard.

What’s gone wrong?

This sessions looks at whether or not they are still as effective as we think they are and explores where we need to be innovating for the same impact.

Bring your brains, your experience, your thoughts and your questions and be prepared to work hard.

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Download the report ‘Shouting Down the House’ for the detailed research findings.