At ECF & DLF, you set your agenda and we help you find others who share it. The few speakers and panels help provoke thought. The result: you learn more and connect with more people. This is the way events should be.

2017 theme: Campaigning against the current

The past year has seen a dramatic change in tone in countries around the world as political leaders are elected who may undermine decades of progress. One analysis of this is that growing numbers of people have been left behind and are expressing their frustration via the ballet box. Most campaigning groups have also been content to engage those already converted to their causes. This needs to change. At the 2017 Campaigning Forum we’ll be exploring how to get better at engaging the rest!

Participant Profile

  1. Campaigners now depend on digital as an integral part of their campaigning. Whether that’s using mobile in developing countries, influencing decision makers via email or online petitions, combining data to identify visualise issues or crowd-sourcing research or donations. Outreach led by Duane Raymond of FairSay.
  2. Fundraisers are increasingly realising that combining fundraising with campaigning provides new fundraising possibilities, new campaigning capabilities and excellent returns. While digital fundraising still makes a secondary contribution to most organisations, it is growing fast, engaging younger supporters and seen as increasingly important. By connecting and sharing with other fundraisers and people in other roles, people are learning how to work together to achieve shared goals.
  3. Digital leaders are digital managers/innovators who provide digital expertise across the organisation. To bring the full benefits and opportunities of the digital age to their organisation, they need to learn from others’ experiences of managing change internally and externally. Outreach led by Branislava Milosevic of Digital Leadership Ltd.

ECF runs on ‘Chatham House Rules’ (= nothing is attributed without permission) so everybody can freely talk about their failures and successes.

Have we missed something that you’re itching to hear about? Come along and suggest the session you want.

ECF History

ECF started as the eCampaigning Forum event in 2002 organised by Duane Raymond, then Oxfam’s eCampaigning Manager. It evolved a highly anticipated and influential annual event plus a dynamic and highly active ECF global community that grows daily and has inspired similar events around the world like re:campaign in Berlin and Fwd in Australia.

Over the last decade, digital has shifted from a specialist role and an essential tool in campaigning and organisations. ECF has constantly been ahead of this shift, and in 2015 is organised around key aspects of modern organisations: digital leadership, campaigning, fundraising, volunteering and looking to the emerging trends. The aim is to bring together increasing diverse participants who share broadly similar goals around improving our world and connect them, help them learn from one another and inspire them to think beyond their current practices, roles and plans.