ECF 2016 Recap

ECF 2016 Day 1

09:00 Welcome, introduction and agenda review (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

09:15 ECF 2016 Opening Speakers (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

10:15 Introduction to Open Space (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

10:30 Coffee/tea break (Room: Arco)

11:00 Open Space Agenda Setting (Room: Arco)

11:30 Open Space Knowledge Exchange A

12:30 Lunch (Dining Hall)

13:30 Peer Presentations

14:30 Open Space Knowledge Exchange B

15:30 Coffee/tea break

16:00 Skills Marketplace (Room: Arco)

17:00 Ignite Talks (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

  • Protestors’ rights – video FAQ (Beth Granter)
  • The $40,000 Challenge: Unleashing Your Google Ad Grant (Phil McMinn)
  • Walking the campaign tightrope: long-term vision v quick wins (Pippa Woolnough)
  • Thriving during a storm – a map for getting through (Patrick Olszowski)
  • Dealing with the backlash: sexual and reproductive rights campaigning in Macedonian (Drashko Kostovski)
  • How to stay sane in an ‘always-on’ digital campaigning environment (Jessie Mawson)

Care2 Impact Prize Presentation

18:30 Speed Pitching & Apero (Room:Arco)

Service providers and consultants tell you what they offer, answer your questions and/or take your feedback. 5 minutes per table then rotate. Free drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks

  • Engaging Networks, Graham Covington
  • Care2, Rhiannan Sullivan and Beth Granter
  • Torchbox, Phil McMinn and Chris Whalen
  • ControlShiftLabs, Nathan Woodhull
  • Campaignfilm, Andrew Davies
  • FairSay, Duane Raymond
  • more onion, FlorianEngel and Glyn Thomas
  • Hand Up, Ben Clowney
  • Karina Brisby, consultant
  • Alter Eco, Richard Roaf
  • Blue State Digital, Ali Walker
  • 54 Degrees, Eugene Flynn
  • University of Westminster, Michaela O’Brien

20:00 Dinner (Dining room)

21:00+ Keble College Bar

ECF 2016 Day 2

09:00 Day two agenda review, pulse check and agenda setting (Room: Arco Room)

09:30 Open Space Knowledge Exchange C

10:30 Coffee/tea break (Room: Arco Room)

11:00 Open Space Knowledge Exchange D

12:00 Lunch (Dining Hall)

13:00 Peer Presentations

14:00 Teach Ins: share skills or knowledge with others

Session outlines here

  • How Google Ad Grants, AdWords & Analytics can help you achieve your organization’s objectives, Chris Whalen (Torchbox) – O’Reilly Theatre
  • Giving and receiving feedback, Branislava Milosevic (Digital Leadership) – Douglas Price
  • Agile and scrum project planning for campaigners, Rachel Collinson (Donor Whisperer) – Music Room
  • Persuasion design workshop, Eugene Flynn (54Degrees) Seminar 1
  • Segmentation, Graham Covington (Engaging Networks) Seminar 2
  • Four-Step Formula for Creating Viral Videos, Richard Roaf (Alto Eco) Seminar 3
  • Getting started with Google Analytics, Glyn Thomas (more onion) – Seminar 5
  • Best practice welcome journey, Ali Walker (Blue State Digital) – Seminar 6

15:30 Coffee/Tea break (Room: Arco Room)

16:00 Ignite Talks (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

  • Techie tools that non-techies so deserve and need (Paul Roeland)
  • Making sure your website stays well written (in 5 easy, affordable steps (Susie Wright)
  • It’s all about people: Why conservation organisations need behavioural science (Elisabeth Whitebread)
  • Empathy versus sympathy (Alice Delemare)
  • Toxic legacy – take action (Namrata Choudhary)

Care 2 Impact Prize Award (Rhiannan Sullivan)

Closing Session (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

17:30 Event formally ends

19:00+ Dinner and drinks in Oxford: Self-organised for those staying around