ECF 2019 Day 1

Tues 9 April

07.30 Morning walk/run for early risers. Meet at Keble College main reception
08.00 Participants in on-site accommodation: breakfast, registration & discussion (Room: Dining room)
08.45 Participant in off-site accommodation: registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions (Room: TBC)

09:00 Welcome, introductions & networking (Room: Arco)

09.00 Welcome, introduction and agenda review
09.15 Warm-up activities & speed networking

10.00 Introduction to Open Space

10.15 Open Space Knowledge Exchange A

11.15 Coffee/tea break

11.45 Plenary: State of the nation – just how divided are we, and how do we build bridges?

Rosie Carter, HOPE Not Hate (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

12:30 Lunch (Dining room)

13:30 Peer Presentations

14:30 Open Space Knowledge Exchange B (Room: Arco)

15:30 Coffee/tea break (Room: Arco)

16:15 Open Space Knowledge Exchange C (Room: Arco)

17:15 Ignite Talks A (Room: O’Reilly Theatre)

18:30 Speed Pitching & Apero (Room: Arco)

Service providers and consultants tell you what they offer, answer your questions and/or take your feedback. 5 minutes per table then rotate. Free drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks)Engaging Networks, Keira Roth

  1. Engaging Networks – Graham Covington
  2. Care2 – Rhiannan Sullivan
  3. more onion – Rebecca Turner
  4. VideoRev & Alter Eco – Richard Roaf
  5. campaignfilm – Andrew Davies
  6. ControlShift – Mikey Franklin
  7. Thinking Doing Changing – Natasha Adams
  8. FairSay – Duane Raymond

20:00 Dinner (Dining room)

21:00+ Keble College Pub