These companies have worked with many different organisations and thus can share a lot of experience. Talk to them about how they can hep you succeed over the course of the event or hear what they can do for you during the Speed Pitching.

Engaging Networks

Engaging Networks has been supporting the eCampaigning Forum since the very first one in 2002. It was a natural partnership not only because of the chemistry between Graham and Duane (then at Oxfam), but because Engaging Networks provides the tools needed by campaigners, fundraisers and digital communicators in the community to help turn their plans into reality online.

Engaging Networks offers a sophisticated and reliable Internet software to help nonprofits with their online advocacy, fundraising, email, community growth, and data management. Our platform is used to support millions of online transactions every year by many of the world’s best-known charities.


Campaign Film

Photos of Andy DaviesCampaignfilm is run by Andy Davies and is producing the multi-camera recording in the O’Reilly Theatre at this year’s conference  – give him and his team a wave :-).

Andy is an award winning film maker and has attracted praise from industry professionals – including the director of ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ – for his narrative short ‘I asked my Dad where Water comes from‘. He has travelled extensively in Africa and India producing documentaries for NGOs and charities.

Andy would love to talk to you about film and video, especially how you could use specially written drama or short form fiction to communicate your campaign messages this year; as well as all your other ideas for creating plenty of video content that keeps supporters engaged but doesn’t break the budget!

Come to the Speedpitching on Wednesday at 6:30pm to find out more.

Contact Andy face-to-face or via:
WhatsApp using +447835516294
Skype: andydavies.campaignfilm
Twitter: @campaignfilm
Mobile: +447835516294
Email: Andrew@campaignfilm.com


FairSay is run by Duane Raymond – the ECF event and community founder, organiser and host. Besides ECF events, FairSay also offers public and in-house trainings/workshops, strategy advice, best practice review, e-campaigning performance analysis, project management, hands-on support and mentoring.

Time to Talk?


Warning: he has a beard now!

Duane would love to talk with you about what type of advice and support you might need in your campaigning and what/if FairSay might provide that.

Duane has extensive experience with campaigning, digital, working with NGOs, multi-linugal campaign, building communities, internal change management, and much more. He is approachable and always willing to share what he know and learn from others. Maybe its time to talk?

    Contact Duane face-to-face or via:

  • WhatsApp using +447773303211 (best while at ECF)
  • Skype: fairsay
  • Twitter: fairsay (likely buried in volume around event)
  • Mobile: +447773303211 (frequently blocked by venue’s thick walls)
  • Email: duane@fairsay.com (likely overloaded)